February 2019 Bulletin

MONTHLY BUDGET CUSTOMERS– PLEASE NOTE January is typically the month we start reviewing budget accounts to see if the payment amount and usage is on target. Most of you will receive at least one, most likely two, more deliveries. The weather has been fairly stable, as well as oil prices. (Prices have actually dropped about […]

December 2018 Bulletin

SEASONS GREETINGS As we enter another holiday season, it’s a perfect time to stop and appreciate all we have. As a company we are thankful for our great staff of employees both in the office and out in the field. They are what give us the ability to take care of you, our customers. We […]

November 2018 Bulletin

YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION … but you are # 1 with us. Nearly one million homes in Massachusetts heat their homes with oil. Behind only New York and Pennsylvania, Massachusetts has the third largest heating oil volume in the country. This means hundreds of local, family owned home heating oil companies are doing […]

October 2018 Bulletin

GETTING PERSONAL WITH YOU Just like Mom and Dad, we are there when you need us. If your system malfunctions, we’ll be right over to check it out. Our service is here for you 24 hours a day in case of any emergencies. We know your house and have his-tory on your system. We will […]

September 2018 Bulletin

WINTER 2018-2019. The trusty ole ’ Farmers Almanac is predicting another cold and snowy winter for the Northeast. We are ready – are you? Regardless of the conditions outside, you can be assured that all of us here at Rand-Handy will be doing our best to keep you comfortable inside. We have been upgrading equipment, […]

August 2018 Bulletin

SOME INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR NEW BUDGET SEASON BEGINNING THIS MONTH Hard to believe, I know, but the budget season of 2018-19 starts with this month’s billing. Please note your new budget amount. If you have scheduled automatic billing with your banking institution, you may want to check and make sure that your payment amount reflects […]

June 2018 Bulletin

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR BUDGET CUSTOMERS: Our last regular budget billing of this season has gone out. You should remit your regular budget amount due OR if you are sure that you will not be receiving another delivery this season, and your actual balance is less than your scheduled payment, you may elect to pay […]

May 2018 Bulletin

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR OUR BUDGET CUSTOMERS Our budget figures for most customers were already recalculated earlier this year. However, we are asking all of you to take a look at your account and see where it stands. If you have an existing balance on the account, please continue with the regular payments. If you do […]

April 2018 Bulletin

Spring? Where is it? Well, we escaped the “Four-easter” we were supposed to get last week, and we sure are thankful for that. March has been a month of high winds, heavy snow, and power outages. Those men and women working the power lines and trees for most of March should be applauded. How do […]

March 2018 Bulletin

WINTER?…..WHAT WINTER? ….not including the Arctic blast over the Holidays. Careful what you say, right? We aren’t done yet. As we head into March, we have had significantly warmer weather through the last few weeks. As of the end of February, our Heating Degree Day count is about 8% less than that of a normal […]