About Us

Rand-Handy has been owned and operated by the Rand family for four generations. It is our goal to continue that tradition by being the best we can be. We haven’t forgotten how a small business should be run - with prompt, dependable service and genuine neighborly concern. We’ll be there when you need us.

At Rand-Handy, the Staff is always here to help.

Office Staff

Accounting, Oil Delivery Coordination and Dispatching

A long-time team member, Gina joined Rand-Handy in September of 1997. Along with her many other responsibilities, Gina helps to make sure you receive your oil deliveries on time.

Service Manager, Equipment Sales

George works closely with Jenn to make our Service Department the best. He oversees the Service Technicians, the operation of the Service Department, and the Inventory we keep for our 24-Hour operation. George is the former owner of a family-run heating oil company in Braintree and joined Rand-Handy in July of 2001.

Customer Service, Sales

Jenn joined us in March of 2023. Welcome Jenn! She brings with her years of experience of Customer Service in the Oil business. You will likely speak with Jenn when scheduling service with us.

Customer Account Representative, Sales

Retired in 2021 after over 35 years with us. Thank you, Darlene!

Service Technicians

Service Technician, Installer

Bob has also been in the business since the Nineties and joined our team in October 2003. His extensive background gives him knowledge in many areas. Bob enjoys a good challenge in troubleshooting equipment and is also an accomplished installer.

Service Technician, Installer, Driver

Joe joined us in September 2013. He brings with him decades of experience in both service and installation. He has a knack for diagnosing difficult problems. Joe is also an experienced truck driver so you may just see him delivering your oil, too.

Service Technician, Installer

Steve has been in the oil business for over twenty-five years and has been with us since 2014. With all of his work experience, he has a wide range of skills in both service and installation work.

Service Technician

A veteran in the oil industry, Don joined us in early 2019. Don is likely the one you will see during your annual maintenance appointments as well as any service needs you have.

Service Technician, Installer

Our newest Technician, Colin joined us in 2021. He has spent some time shadowing with our experienced Technicians over the years. Colin is also a team member on most installation jobs for us.

Oil Truck Drivers

Driver, Installer

Ben started working with us in April, 2005. He has been a regular driver on the oil truck since 2009. He has also become a most experienced heating installer as well.


You will see Jim on the truck in the winter months with our deliveries. Jim is a full-time Boston Firefighter and helps us on his days off.


Retired Marshfield Firefighter. Semi-retired from driving in 2021. Mark fills in for us where needed all through the year.


Kyle Rand
President, Owner

Overall manager of the business operation. Kyle grew up in the oil business and has been supervising the operations since 1993. He is the fourth generation in the family business.

Kenneth Rand
Past President

Ken grew up in the oil business under the guidance of his father, grandfather and uncle, and took over operations in 1961. Ken passed away in June of 2019 after a courageous battle with Alzheimer's. He loved his job and his home town, and continued to work as long as he could.

What our Customers are Saying

“The receptionists who answer phones are very professional and helpful.”

“The men who service my burner are very pleasant.”
“Service of all kinds is wonderful!”
“Rand Handy has never let me down. Delivery is outstanding!”
“My wife and I are very much pleased. Excellent service always. Great service techs.”
“Great company! I have been a customer for 24 years.”
“We have been very satisfied customers since 1962!”