August 2015 Bulletin

PLANNING FOR THE WINTER HEATING SEASON 2015-2016 August marks the beginning of yet another heating season. Although memories of last years’ winter and historic snow fall are forever etched in our memories, we are ready to service you again this season. Our trucks are repaired and humming; our inventory is re-stocked; and we’ve been keeping busy this […]

June 2015 Bulletin

WHY OUR CUSTOMERS STICK WITH OIL HEAT… PRICE– The price of Heating Oil and Natural Gas fluctuate all of the time. However, for most of the past 20 years, Oilheat has been less expensive. Plus the gas company adds on charges for delivery, usage, and several different “adjustments” that add to your monthly bill. SAFETY– […]

April 2015 Bulletin

WE KNOW WE GOT THE SNOW, BUT WAS FEBRUARY COLDER THAN NORMAL? We calculate this based on Degree Days. A Degree Day is a term used to measure the heating needs of buildings (your home) based on the average temperature of the day. It is calculated by subtracting the average temperature of the day from […]

March 2015 Bulletin

WOW, WHAT A WINTER….SO FAR! It seems like we were getting hit every weekend with significant snow. Its hard to believe that next week will be March and we still have upwards of 3’ of snow on the ground. As if the snow wasn’t enough, we have also been hit with some of the coldest temperatures […]

February 2015 Bulletin

IMPORTANT – MONTHLY BUDGET CUSTOMERS First and foremost, thank you for relying on Rand-Handy to provide your home heating needs. We place great value on our customer relationships and we appreciate your continued patronage. We also want you to know that the decline in oil prices over the last several months has been a welcome surprise […]

January 2015 Bulletin

Happy New Year! BIG NEWS — PRICE OF OIL IS AT ITS LOWEST PRICE IN 4 YEARS. As I write this, the price of a barrel of oil is below $55 per barrel. There has been an over 40% drop since September of this year. You have noticed this not only at the pump for […]