November 2019 Bulletin


You always hear about those warm days that occur in the fall after a spell of cold weather, or a brief hard frost. However, where did Indian Summer get its name?

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, the most probable origin goes back to the early settlers in New England. Each year they would welcome the arrival of cold wintery weather in late October when they could leave their stockades without worrying about Indian attacks. This provided time to prepare their fields for the following Spring plantings because the Indians did not like attacking in cold weather. But, there came a time almost every year, around St. Martin’s Day, Nov. 11th, when it would suddenly turn warm again. This provided the Indians with one more go at the settlers, even though it was longer than their normal raiding season. “Indian Summer” is what the settlers called it.


  • Change the batteries in your automatic / setback thermostats. Old batteries can keep your heating system from coming on when it is supposed to. This is the reason for many of our service calls. (Good idea: replace them every time you move your clocks for Daylight Savings.)
  • Test your heating system. Speaking of thermostats**, turn it up if you haven’t already.
    Testing your system now can eliminate a service call on a cold day when you need it most.
  • House numbers. Do you have one and is it visible from the street? We know most of you, but it still helps us find you when you need service or an oil delivery.(Note: The Police and Fire departments appreciate good numbers also.)
  • Leave a light on for us. If you need us for an after hours call, it helps us out if we can see where you are.
  • Trim back the shrubs. During the summer those shrubs grow quite a bit. If they are covering your fill pipe, it makes it tough for us when making deliveries.(Note: Shrubs cut back away from the house helps with air movement and prevents mildew and rot too.)
  • Phone numbers and contact information. Over the years we may have accumulated several numbers to contact you. However, some of these numbers are no longer in use. Please take a moment to call or email us with your current contact information and preferred method of contacting you.


We can not be responsible for any service done on these thermostats. (Parts and Labor are not covered by your Service Contract since it is not a product we sell) If you choose to install one, we recommend you get a licensed electrician to make sure its done correctly.

Support the 5th Annual Turkey Trot

Come support one of the many local events we support. The Marshfield Boys and Girls Club is having its FIFTH ANNUAL MARSHVEGAS 4 MILER ROAD RACE, on Thanksgiving morning at 7:30. Also known as SOUTH SHORE TURKEY TROT. This is a 4 mile route around some side streets in Marshfield that begins and ends at the South River School on South River St. (Parking is at the Marshfield Fairgrounds) There are prizes for the winners in several age groups. Roche Brothers Supermarkets has donated pies to all of the finishers.

So, get your run in early and eat guilt free on Thanksgiving. For more information and for registration, visit the websites: or


Once again, the South Shore Community Action Council (SSCAC) in Plymouth, will be administering the Fuel Assistance applications. If you have been on this program in the past, you are most likely eligible if your situation has not changed. However, you still need to register for the benefits again this year. We urge anyone who feels they can use some assistance with winter heating bills, to call them as soon as possible. SSCAC can be reached at 508-747-7575, and you can call us with any questions too.

Want to make a quick $10 bucks?

Switch to e-mail statements!

If you make the switch before the end of 2019, we will credit your account $10. Simply fill out the FREE OIL coupon with the proper information. When we receive this back from you, we will make the change and credit you $10. Easy right? Or you can email us at and make the change that way. If you haven’t already, sign-up for online account access. Here you can get account information, update your contact information, and even pay bills.


Monday-Friday 8:00 – 4:30
The office will be closed to observe Veterans Day on Monday, November 11th, and Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 28th. However, we are always available for Emergency Service if you need us. 781-834-8831.


1st Prize: Greg S. – Marshfield (Customer for over 27 years)
2nd Prize: Adam P. – Plymouth (Customer for over 17 years)
3rd Prize: John D. – Pembroke (Customer for over 30 years)

Please note that you can now enter the oil drawing online. Please complete the form at right to be entered in next month’s drawing.


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