COVID-10 Update, December 2020

Good day everyone. We want to update all of you with our plan as we prepare for the winter. Please know that our first and foremost concern is the health and wellbeing of all of our employees and customers. We all live locally and have families like you, so we are going through this together.

We are doing our best here at Rand-Handy to promote a clean and safe environment, in practicing good hygiene and social distancing. All of our technicians, drivers, and office personnel are being diligent with hand washing and sanitizing. We are using masks and gloves on all of our jobs. Our commitment to you is the same as always and we will be here to service you as we always have.

In an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy, here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Please be patient and understanding. Refrain from requesting afterhours service if the issue is something that can wait until the next business day. We can probably get to you first thing in the morning. If you don’t have hot water, that is a call that can wait until the next business day. If you have no heat, and it is not very cold outside, that too can most likely wait until the next day.
  • If anyone in your home is sick, or quarantined, please let us know so we can take necessary precautions.
  • If you do require service at your home, please allow us direct access to the heating system through a bulkhead or basement door. We want to be respectful of your living and personal space.
  • Please respect our social distancing request of 6 or more feet if we do need to come to your home. We will try to keep our time at your home as short as possible while fixing the problem.
  • If you do not want us to your home for any installation or routine service, please let us know in advance. We completely understand and respect that decision. We will leave it up to you to call us to reschedule when you are ready.
  • If you are stopping by our office to make a payment during the day or after hours, please use the mail slot in the front door. This is also a great time to take advantage of our on-line services through our website, Log in and set up access for yourself and you can view all of your account activity. Consider switching to email statements if you make payments through your bank. Please continue to call us for anything urgent.

We are doing our best to prevent any disruption in our service or fuel oil deliveries during this crisis.

We value your business and your safety, just like we do for our own families. Heed all the advice from local and national medical professionals. With the right precautions and sound decision making, we will all get through this safely.

Sincerely, Rand-Handy Oil Company

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