March 2021 – Bulletin

Spring is just around the corner, and we are happy to see it. This has been a challenging winter for all of us. Not because of the cold weather and snow, but because of handling things differently during a pandemic. We have been fortunate to get to this point relatively unscathed, and we have all of you, in part, to thank for that. Being in and out of your homes has been concerning, but you have helped us through it. Thank you for your cooperation with easy access to your equipment, wearing masks, and allowing us some “social distance” to work. We will continue to work this way until further notice and until the virus is behind us. Stay healthy, and stay safe.


Remember to check your statements carefully. Some of you may have had a change to your monthly amount. If your amount changed and you pay on-line automatically, please re-member to make that change with your bank as well. Call us with any questions. 781-834-8831


In an effort to keep providing you with the best service possible, please let us know any changes you have made to your contact information. If your phone number has changed, or you prefer we use a cell phone for contacting you, just let us know. Also, we have several customers receiving all of their statements and invoices by email. If this is better for you, we will gladly make that change for you.(See the FREE OIL Coupon below for more information) Give us a call at 781-834-8831, or email us at

NOTE: If you do have any Service or delivery requests, we ask that you still call us on the main number instead of requesting by email. This will give you the quickest possible response from us. THANK YOU!

Remember — All of this can now be done on-line

On A Lighter Note…Signs of Spring

  • MARCH 1—Return of Red Wing Blackbirds
  • MARCH 13—Chipmunks return
  • MARCH 14—Daylight Savings Time
    (Time to change the batteries in your thermostats and smoke detectors too)
  • MARCH 17—St. Patricks Day
  • MARCH 20—First day of Spring


Replacing an older heating system certainly has an impact on household budgets, but Rand-Handy Oil can help you take advantage of rebates on your new boiler, furnace and water heater. Equipment re-bates are still available through the Mass Save program and they offer 0% financing as well.

Since these programs began, we have helped our customers save hundreds, sometimes thousands, with equipment upgrades. Call us today for more information and if you would like us to look at your system. 781-834-8831

Ever wonder what you can do to help your local schools?

  • Make a cash donation rather than a purchase. All PTA groups welcome donations of any amount. Many schools have set up non-profit educational foundations that accept tax deductible donations.
  • Ask your school for a copy of its wish list. Most schools are thrilled to accept donated items and services of all sorts.
  • Support fundraising ventures that promote volunteerism and the community. Money you spend on school car washes, auctions, road races, etc.. Are often nearly 100% profit for schools.
  • Inquire about being a volunteer. Schools yearn for over-50 adults to read stories, do occasional office work, monitor hallways, and visit classrooms to talk about a talent, job or even a trip.
  • Become an activist. Write to your local legislator, ask your local PTA about educational rallies, or gather some friends and try to gather more financial support for education. Every voice counts.
Q: What kind of Witch likes to go to the beach?
A: A Sandwich. (Sand Witch)


1st Prize: Ricci Family — Marshfield (donated by another customer)
2nd Prize: Patricia H. — Duxbury
3rd Prize: Gerald O. — Marshfield

Please note that you can now enter the oil drawing online. Please complete the form at right to be entered in next month’s drawing.


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