September 2017 — Bulletin

Illustration of Farmer's Almanac CoverWINTER 2017-2018

The trusty ole’ Farmers Almanac is predicting a cold and snowy winter for the Northeast. We are ready– are you? Regard-less of the conditions outside, you can be assured that all of us here at Rand-Handy will be doing our best to keep you comfortable inside. We have been upgrading equipment, restocking our supply room shelves, and educating ourselves on the most efficient heating equipment for your home. Whether its our office staff, oil delivery drivers, or our service technicians, we are all ready for what-ever the coming winter throws at us.

The Full Service Difference

If all you needed was oil in your tank, you could get that from a lot of companies. But it’s our “full service difference” that gives you real dependability, service, comfort and peace of mind. What we offer you is the difference between Rand-Handy and other companies:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Response
  • A trained, professional and friendly staff
  • Automatic Oil Deliveries
  • Professional Equipment Installations
  • Prompt service and service agreements
  • Proper Insurance Coverage
  • Credit terms and a convenient budget plan.

Just a quick note to our Budget accounts:

Many of you have set up automatic payments through your financial institution for your budg-et payments every month. We started our new budget season on August 1 and your monthly amount due may not be the same as it was last year. Please take a moment and review your bill to make sure that the correct amount is being sent and that your account number is correct. We’d like to make sure that your account is being credited correctly!


Every little bit helps, so if you want to help us be green, send us and email or a note on your bill, and we will change you over to email statements. You can also make a note on the free oil drawing form on the next page.


If your heating system shuts off due to a power outage or malfunction, the reset button may help get it started again by resetting the burner’s controls. Before you press the reset button, follow these
steps FIRST, and you may not need a service call. After each of the following steps, listen to hear if the burner comes on.

  1. Check the oil burner switches. Are they on? There is one usually at the top of your stairs or somewhere outside of the boiler room with a red faceplate. There is also one on the side of the heating unit itself.
  2. Check the thermostat. Is it set above room temperature? If its an automatic setback thermostat, try changing the batteries.
  3. Check the circuit breaker and see if the switch has “tripped”. If it has, push the switch off and then back on again.
    (Or check for a blown fuse in an older home)
  4. Check your oil tank. Does it have oil in it?
  5. Try pressing the reset button on the burner, ONCE. This is usually on top of a control on your burner.


illustration of the back end of a school bus And it also means that there are more children near major roadways in the early morning and late afternoon. Here are some ways that drivers can keep students safe:

  • Be careful near bus stops. Drivers must stop when a school bus illuminates its stop sign and/or lights even if they’re on the opposite side of the street. Failure to do so could not only put a child in danger but could earn you a ticket too!
  • Slow down. Most school zones have reduced speed limits.
  • Back up carefully. Even if you have a back up camera there still can be blind spots. Back out of your driveway or parking spot slowly.
  • Get off the phone. You never know when a child might dart unexpectedly into the road. Even if your attention is diverted for a moment, it could spell disaster for a child.


Flexible people never get bent out of shape.

Illustration of a boy holding a map


We have several copies of the latest maps of the Towns Of Marshfield and Duxbury. In addition to the street listings, you will also see advertisements for all of the local businesses like ours that help support the towns. Please stop in anytime and grab your free copy.


1st Prize: John G., Marshfield

2nd Prize: Dorothy M., Marshfield

3rd Prize: Debra B., Doxbury

Please note that you can now enter the oil drawing online. Please complete the form below to be entered in next month’s drawing.


Monthly Free Oil Drawing

One submission per customer account per month. Must be an active Rand handy customer to participate.